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Somos el primer museo, dedicado exclusivamente al estudio, recopilación y conservación de las esmeraldas colombianas y sus piezas, no tienen valor comercial por estar destinadas únicamente a su conservación. Somos orgullo nacional y pertenecemos a la Red Nacional de Museos de Colombia.

The emeralds are minerals named silicate beryllium. Their basic chemical composition include beryllium, aluminum, silicon and oxygen (Be3 Al2 SiO3). They can also have inclusions of calcite, quartz, lutite, pyrite, among others. They receive their green color from the chrome and the vanadium. Along with the diamond, the ruby and the sapphire, they conform the Gemstones Group.

Near the 55% of the emerald world production is digged up from the mines located in the Cundinamarca and Boyacá region, on the Eastern Cordillera from the Andes Mountains. These emeralds are bigger ones, their color specter is wider and they are usually attached to sedimentary rocks.

The Museum of Colombian Emerald Corporation's purpose is to present these emeralds as a Colombian national heritage. Some of the emeralds located in the museum are unique and only can be found in the Colombian mines; some of them include:
*TRAPICHES: They are compound of six emerald crystals separated among each other by piece of calcite, lutite or pyrite.
*CAT'S EYES: They are found only in the Coscuez mine (located in de Boyacá region). When the light passes through them a fine, luminous line is formed, simulating a cat's eye.
*EXOTIC EMERALDS: They are emeralds of unique and strange geological characteristics.
*CANUTILLOS: They are emeralds of hexagonal form.
*MACLAS O DRUSAS: They are different emerald crystals fused naturally in one piece.
*MANGAS O MINERALES: They are geologic formations of different minerals on the same piece.

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