Salud y Belleza

essay fragment, by Gloria García de Sarmiento

A diagnostic; cancer, leukemia, malignant tumor, a door that opens to a reality not imaginable before, a parallel reality in which we jump without conscious choice , and in a way just protected by our inner strength, arriving to a highway of learning about love, pain, loneliness, goodbye or joy.

A door to life made by day to day battles and triumphs, which resources are patience, tenacity, courage, faith, tenderness, solidarity, and its trophies moments, an innocent smile, a hug sharing, an afternoon with the family, watch brothers playing together after months of distance, or just eat, walk, sleep, go to school again, back to the basics, to the beginning, like before but not the same, thanking God for that instant, for the chance of living, for feeling their smooth breathing or peaceful sleeping. Nothing would be the same again, in fact, it would be a life in present time, the future would be a humility pray encapsulated in moms and dads tears, a children pray that says open your heart, help me living.

Adalberto 13 years, he likes regaeton, and once a week goes to cancer treatment, Gustavito, 11 years, with an open smile, and the intelligence of Maria la baja children, said goodbye past July to his mother asking why is this happening to me? Juersen likes to draw, in his drawings the sun is always there as his father is always at his side, Stephanie, 4 years, Juan Sebastián, Haider, Jefferson, Julio Cesar, Dana, Adrian, Diana, Nelson, María José, Andrés, just to mention some of the children with cancer diagnosis benefit by the Foundation FUNVIVIR FUNDACION AYUDAME A VIVIR (could be translated fun living, help me to live). There are 110 children supported by the foundation in many ways; economically, giving money to pay transport expenses for the patient and their companion to make possible coming from distant places or just from home to the hospital for treatment, administrative, and psychological council, companion to the children and their families to improve the quality life that makes them possible to encourage the day to day treatment and get successful through it in 70% of the cases.

We, who voluntarily work for the cancer sick children thank God the opportunity to tell each of them that their lives are important. To their families; that they are not alone, their pain and fears are ours too, and besides the economic aid we offer them our truly friendship. It is impossible to meet them and keep our lives the same, indifferent to their struggle for living and their families' unconditional love. How not to listen to our heart that immediately identifies with each parent who wish to see their children healthy, if we get near enough, if we cut the distance we will recognize ourselves in their eyes. Listening to your heart, let it guide you, and voluntarily extend a hand to the children with cancer, you will receive much more, the sense and certainty that we are one, like Richard Bach would say. Thanks to love the distance between each other fills in a hug, and although we in fact are just passing trough life, Colombia or Cartagena, our present actions Do make a difference, it means live or death of a child that gets the money for the transportation expenses from their little town to the city that makes them possible to receive a diagnostic and treatment on time. It could be the blood (plaques and defenses needed to be control every day during chemotherapy), it may become a dream come true, a football, a doll, a book, going to a park, a movie, or having a cell phone to keep contact to the family from the hospital. Let's do it, don't leave them alone.

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